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Avsh Alom Gur S/S 09

Backstage at London Fashion Week

Having recently been made creative director of Ossie Clarke, Avsh Alom Gur’s collection was highly anticipated, and the show was packed full to capacity. Avsh Alom’s vision of an independent, modern woman is clearly progressing in a very positive direction, with a beautiful, luxurious and wearable collection. Being at this show felt a little like being in a 1940’s painted poster of a luxury liner cruise trip surrounded by a bevvy of smiling, winking, playful beauties.

It was so exciting to see some colour on the catwalk, bright jewel reds, blues and greens were literally splashed everywhere in brush stroke prints, yet these bravely colourful pieces were combined with sophisticated cream skirts or elegant black organza shirts.

Based around the concept of the design of an everyday object - the chair, I saw boldly coloured chair earrings, chair prints everywhere and even huge, blue velvet pieces of chair were worn as neckpieces. The styling was spot on, even down to the fine little details of matching umbrella to bangles. An absolute necessity of course! I myself shall be keeping an eye out particularly for the red and blue organza pyjama playsuits! Avsh Alom has this season proved himself entirely capable of designing a beautiful collection that will no doubt be hugely sellable, without losing his organic eccentricity and unique style.