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Dazed Overdose Tues 16th Sept: Katie Shillingford

A packed day full of LFW highlights thus far including Nasir Mazhar's operatic hat presentation, gorillas at Christopher Kane and Pac-Man helmets at Giles.

Tuesday played host to a whole hoard of great shows and it felt so   exciting to be in London for Fashion Week. Starting at 9am with Adidas Stella McCartney whose energetic presentation produced an uplifting mood to what was to be a very long day.

Later on Nasir Mazhar’s presentation at the Hoxton Bar and Grill was a gentle walk down the road from the office which was a bonus seeing as most shows are in the West End this season. His presentation of idiosyncratic hats blew me away, and shown in the blackened out room that I know only too well from Boombox, the operatic performance complete with pianist proved to be an extremely calming experience in comparison to the chaotic club that once resided here. Hats off to Nasir and Nicola (Formichetti) who hosted the brilliant event- it’s been my favourite thing this week!

We then scooted off to Christopher Kane where a scrap between prehistoric and animalistic, resulted in dresses, tops and trousers embellished with dino-scales and the best shoes I’ve seen this season if not ever! With a rhino horn at the tip of the toe, the shoes were menacing but very cool with a chunky seventies platform heel.

After Christopher we headed over the The Royal Academy for the ON/OFF show where I was keen to check out Mark Fast’s show and he did not disappoint. I first met Mark at the ITS awards in Trieste this year and am so excited about his work which consists of sexy body conscious shapes woven out of lycra. It was his first show at London Fashion Week but the   collection was strong yet simple. I love his sexy dresses - they’re very Pretty Woman goes to Dalston!
I scrambled out and just about managed to get to Louise Goldin at the Topshop venue in time for a mini sausage and mash before the show. I am a big fan so I loved the show. I particularly loved the Jean PaulGaultier-esque structured boobs and   the Swarovski covered catsuits. 

To end the day I met up with Gareth and we went to Giles together. The show was a real WOW to end the day. Inspired by Pac-Man, it was amazing! High points were the million major girls storming down the catwalk, the huge Pac-Man heads that   overwhelmed the girls and Maryna Linchuk as a bride in a dress, which looked fit for the opera singer in The Fifth Element. This is not only exquisitely made fashion but truly enjoyable and fun fashion at its best.