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adidas by Stella McCartney S/S 09

Katie Shillingford reports on the Olympic gymnasts who performed in the adidas by Stella McCartney line instead of modelling them.

The Adidas Stella McCartney breakfast presentation for her S/S09 collection was an impressive showcase of Britain's Olympic team. I was excited to see the girls I'd been rooting for whilst watching the Olympics on TV, performing in front of me for Stella's Adidas line. Whilst in the past these presentations have been a little uneasy to watch, as models very self-consciously played sports in front of press, this season we saw the real deal making it a truly exciting event and a great start to the day! Highlights were watching GB Olympic gymnasts Beth Tweddle and Becky Downie on the balance beam and trampolinists Bryony Page and Jaime Moore sporting Stella's summery swimwear mid air.