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Luella S/S 09

“Basically its Princess Margaret on acid” says Luella of her latest collection.

Arriving at the gloriously sunny Serpentine, along with the herd of fashionistas, we made our way across the grass to the shimmering Crystal Palace, a special designed temporary glass showroom complete with a sparkling sequin silver catwalk. Once inside after being greeted by fluffy pink candy pigs, edible of course, the excitement begins. As with every Luella show, the front row is a hotly contested seat with pole position being awarded to Diane Pernet and Roisin Murphy.

Luella fresh and rebellious as ever never fails to impress. However this collection has to top all Luella collections with its cacophony of tiered ruffles, pleats and lace. All sounding rather lady like? Maybe but with flashes of fluro orange punches of the brightest, or in Luella own words “sickest pink” the lady of the manor takes a darker more sinister twist. Luella explains, backstage the girl firmly in her mind is "prim and proper on the surface", scratch below that and we see a,  
wonky psychedelic mixed up girl. With the Sunday best meets paganism references Luella has the last word: “Basically its Princess Margaret on acid”.