Christian Lacroix Menswear S/S12

We speak to Sacha Waickhoff who takes the helm at the iconic Parisian fashion house with denim biker jackets and crystal-encrusted embroidery

Fashion Show

After quietly presenting a menswear collection in the form of a showroom last season sans Christian, the house is now taking things a step further. Today led by the founder’s right hand of 17 years Sacha Walckhoff, it presented a full blown catwalk show, which respectfully closed a chapter of Lacroix, and opened a brand new one. The clothes presented were wearable, comfortable, designed for everyday life: comfortable trousers referencing cycling wear, classic, softly tailored suits, sometimes even worn shirtless – the garments seemed to focus on the wearer rather than the other way round.

Lacroix as we remember it still seeped in through subtle touches: denim biker jackets embellished with embroideries and crystals, floral patterns imprinted onto leather: old Lacroix meets new Lacroix. After the show, we spoke to Waickhoff about keeping the Lacroix essence whilst offering a contemporary product.

Dazed Digital: It’s a rather bold bet to have a real fashion show, isn’t it?
Sacha Walckhoff: A crazy one you mean! Well, I’m happy it’s over, but you know, it felt right to have the show here, in the boutique, with its bare walls – it symbolises a work in progress.

DD: What is the evolution from last season?
Sacha Walckhoff: We worked with a lot of artisans, to focus on using and developing fabric, such as the leather pieces; we worked with Swarovski crystals that we sewed on various pieces such as the cropped denim jackets.

DD: You are developing several lines at the moment?
Sacha Walckhoff: Yes, we are developing various licenses: stationery, sunglasses, but also underwear and swimwear – I like the idea of everyone being to own some Lacroix pieces.

DD: Is this still Lacroix then?
Sacha Walckhoff: Of course it is! The essence of Lacroix is a spirit of mix and match, luxury mixed with second hand, new and old. This is something that will never change.

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