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PPQ S/S 09

Festooned with Chun-Li buns and tulle sculpture and that's just the heads.

There was an enormous buzz around PPQ's show this season and there was a celebrity presence not often seen with such a new brand. It was easy to see why these clothes had such an appeal to the young and stylish who had descended on the BFC tent on this hot afternoon. Pleated candy coloured skirts and tiny seaside-striped tops were sent down the catwalk with drastically structured headpieces gilded with netting or goods that engulfed models' heads. Candy pinks, yellows and greens all brightened the catwalk on mini-dresses and playsuits. Nautical themes were explored with navy and white being prevalent at the show. Prints were used sparingly but infused the final part of the show with colour after PPQ had taken us through a comprehensive journey of the variety seen over the previous ten minutes. Whether it be beachwear or ballgowns that Percy Parker and Amy Molyneux are designing, their vision of making young, beautiful and fun womenswear is unchanged.
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