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twosee Film Event LFW S/S 09: Intro and Day 1

Anthony Stephinson of twosee has commissioned short 5min films from 40 key industry figures to be shown in twosee's window installation and Dazed Digital gets a preview of the films.

The new Fouberts Place location for twosee opened fairly quietly over the summer but during London Fashion Week, the shop window will be distracting passers-by, regardless of whether they are into fashion or not. Owner/operator Anthony Stephinson has commissioned short films from 40 key industry figres which will be playing continuously throughout the course of London Fashion Week (14th-19th September).

The theme was a broad one but nonetheless, specific to the the economic climate we are facing. On the basis that "Traditionally, in times of great economic collapse, artists produce their greatest work through introspection" (as quoted from the original brief), participants were asked to celebrate their own interior and come up with something that promotes introspection.

A private view and screening will be held at 'twenty four: london' on Kingly Street on Monday 15th September to start the proceedings with Mmmelanie, Joe & Will Ask? and The Teenagers providing the music.

Dazed Digital have selected a few of the films, namely by Diane Pernet, designer Jean Pierre Bragazna, punk auteur Bruce Labruce and Crystal Castles to showcase here, starting with Russell Harris, assistant manager of twosee and his short film entitled "the earth smelled of old books or do old books smell of earth"

Describe what you do.
5 days a week I belong to twosee, assistant managerial duties are undertaken. The remaining two days I'm in training...

How did you come up with the idea/concept of your video?
I kept repeating the brief 'interior' until it confused me. I then made a film inside a film.

How did you execute your ideas?
I recorded old super8 footage of my childhood, I then re-recorded it screening on my desktop in a dark room. Then I recorded myself watching it. I then cut it up and altogether whilst drinking coffee. A fair amount of coffee.

Are you happy with the results?
Kinda. I can always see what I can improve next time. This is the first film I've ever made myself.

What is it about twosee that attracted you to the project?
I'll answer this slightly differently according to the fact that I work for the store. In the beginning I was drawn towards twosee by the community it creates, and how the people in that community support each other.

What reaction do you want from people watching your film?
I'm never any good at assuming reactions. Personal responses are quite personal and not necessarily pre-conceived.