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Prada's Fallen Shadows

Miuccia Prada has once again produced an animation for the Prada collection and it was screened at the Prada Broadway Epicentre in New York last night.

The New York crowd that got to see Miuccia Prada's latest animation Fallen Shadows was not exclusive as over 1,500 people sat down at the Prada Broadway Epicentre were treated to a screening of the film. Today, the film also went online on which means everyone can view and even download this animation made in conjunction with the lace-filled A/W 08 Prada collection.

Created and directed by James Lima, the film employs the latest technology including a Cyber Scanning method where the whole body is scanned, recorded and then rendered for animation, ensuring that the Prada lace-clad woman moves with as much realism as possible. The woman and her shadow goes on a journey taking her through landscapes that purposely reference the works of Buñuel, Dali, Duchamp, and Escher.  “The Shadow is more alive and expressive than the woman,” Lima notes.

The animation also features a soundtrack by New York-based group Antony and the Johnsons.