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Why Buffy is still revolutionary 18 years on, WTF is up with rap’s slut shaming, and the best damn version of ‘Hypnotize’ we’ve ever seen. Here’s what the Dazed team are hyping this week

Towards the theory of a dick pic

Best of the Web

Dissecting the dick pic, why there’s so much pressure on LGBT shows to succeed, and, ever wondered if you’re a Virginia Woolf novel? Here’s what the Dazed team are reading this week

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Albums of the month

If you're reading this it's not too late – revisit February's finest from Drake, Future Brown and Purity Ring


Best of the Web

Why the dreadlock debate is complete BS, a strong dose of straight talk for white men, and, er, is Azealia Banks a witch? Here’s what the Dazed team are hyping this week

Horizontal Press
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Zines of the month

Take this as your monthly reading list – from fax-only matter to ‘semi-pornographic’ publishers, we explore the best in DIY bedroom lit

Rookie illustration

Best of the Web

From Oscar nominee pie charts to DIY Addams Family skits and Ye’s plan to better the world with fashion, here’s what had the Dazed team hitting ‘share’ this week

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