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Lives and times of the outer edge’s greatest insiders
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Cult VIP: Rachel Auburn

Opening up her personal archives, the designer-turned-DJ who reigned over London’s 80s clubland with Leigh Bowery tells us that all she ever really wanted was to break taboos

Music Cult VIP

Cult VIP: Saint Patrick

Thirty years since the death of pioneering producer and synth genius Patrick Cowley, Rory Lewarne looks back on the creator of the “San Francisco Sound”

Portraits of Jim Leon by Jean-Paul Valery
Arts+Culture Cult VIP

Jim Leon

From hyper-erotic surrealism to dreamy fine art, renegade Oz illustrator Jim Leon's work is being rediscovered after decades of obscurity. Nathalie Olah looks back on a life that changed with one acid trip

Arts+Culture Cult VIP

R Stevie Moore

The grandfather of DIY is on his first proper tour after 40 years and 400 albums of genre-spanning lo-fi weirdness. Taken from Dazed's September issue, Tim Burrows hears how his music is finally taking off thanks to the internet era

Photography Cult VIP

Sture Johannesson

The veteran Swedish artist Sture Johannesson has never been allowed to exhibit in his native country due to the provocative nature of his art. Francesca Gavin finds out why he has become a powerful symbol of refusal for a new generation

Photography Cult VIP

Danny Fields

The legendary NYC scene-maker opens up his previously unseen photo archive and looks back over his rock ‘n’ roll life

Photography Cult VIP

Jacob Holdt

Jacob Holdt transformed his youthful wanderings into photographs documenting lives lost in the cracks of the American Dream