Erika Bowes
PhotographerErika Bowes's photographs capture the intimacy of youth
Sang Woo Kim
artistWhy Sang Woo Kim is so much more than a model
Makeup artistMariko is the MUA creating delicate beauty looks out of pasta and rocks
Simran Randhawa
writerSimran Randhawa wants to change the way south Asian girls are represented
Soraya Jansen
artistSoraya Jansen: We’re already living in a video game
Laetitia KY’s whimsical hair sculptures
hair stylistLaetitia KY’s whimsical hair sculptures are powerful political expressions
Tomasyn Hayes Portrait
Makeup artistTomasyn Hayes is the MUA leading the next generation of beauty hellraisers
7 kopio
music artistDayglo-haired pop star Alma has a new avatar
emilia lunney ronald-stoops-portrait
DesignerEmilia Lunney wants to build a utopia in the centre of the earth
Aryuna Tardis
Makeup artistMake-up artist Aryuna Tardis wants to enhance her nasal bone
Alana O’Herlihy
PhotographerAlana O’Herlihy takes pictures of herself as Jack Nicholson
Nadia Lee Cohen
PhotographerNadia Lee Cohen wants to replace her body with her mother’s dog