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Sigrid Astrup (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Sigrid Astrup currently lives and works as a video-artist in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sigrid Astrup, born in 1979 in a fjord in northern Norway, grew up on TromsØ island with her mother Marianne. Her father Jostein is an author and painter and lives in the Philippines. Sigrid Astrup currently lives and works as a video-artist in Copenhagen, Denmark.t: +45 25 13 47 55
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Q & A

What's... special about you, then?
I got bitten by a dog when I was three. It bit my lip off. As I grew up I couldn't learn how to whistle because my lip was so deformed, but I figured out a way to whistle, kind of, through the side of the lip instead. I haven't met anyone else that can whistle in this way. It used to make me feel special when I was a kid, but it's been awhile.
The last time I felt special was when I met up with an old friend back home in TromsØ some years ago. We were hanging out one night with another friend of hers, and the next night she told me this girl had been asking a lot about me, question my mental health and so on. I hadn't really done anything that was out of the ordinary, so this made me feel special.
...your worst vice?
Sometimes I lie and steal.
...better - analog or digital?
Analog! Working in pixels makes me feel like its all an illusion, and it only takes my hard-drive to flat-out to make it true.
...your favourite piece of clothing?
My black tall waist Armani jeans and a pair of panties I should have thrown out a long time ago.
...the world coming to?
I'm not sure about his one. I think the world strives really hard to better, but from time to time some bastard always manages to screw things up for everybody.
...your MySpace page?
...the best piece of advice you've ever heard?
This is sad but the first thing i come to think of is "just do it".
...the name of your hero?
He sees everyone he meets as a potential friend. He is so incredibly open and kind to people and at the same time he doesn't accept shit from anyone. Maybe his quirky humor is the best part. Aaaah... I love everything about him! year going to bring?
I can't plan more than a couple of hours at the time.
...your worst fashion secret?
I have no fashion secrets. the top of your shit list?
Fascists and racists
How would you describe your work?
I mostly work with video-art-projects, with the intention to visually convey situations/emotions that are hard describe with words. So what can I say... check out my work?