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Photos by Steve Ullathorne

Lynch's Twin Peaks Weekender

BAC host a 36 hours weekender in celebration of legendary director David Lynch's Twin Peaks 20th anniversary

As if a Lynch film wasn't a disturbing enough experience, London's BAC are putting on a 36-hour marathon weekender of his infamous Twin Peaks series. Since its first UK airing in 1990, the show has both frightened and delighted with its bizarre happenings and off-beat humour, following the detective Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) in his hunt for the cause of the death of local girl Laura Palmer in a small sleepy town. In honour of the series, BAC have decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary with the special 'lock-in' at their Grand Hall for an unforgettable experience this October.

Dazed Digital: What inspired the idea for a Lynch marathon?
David Micklem: We wanted to create a celebration worthy of the twentieth anniversary of the first UK broadcast of Lynch’s cult TV show Twin Peaks. With a 36 hour screening of all the episodes of both series, back to back, the Twin Peaks Weekender is an epic, once in a life time event featuring Lynch inspired performances, games and live music throughout our magnificent building, the Old Town Hall.
David Lynch is an artist who has constantly reinvented his practice through the medium of film. At BAC we’re interested in invention and theatre and what comes next. Lynch continues to have a huge influence on a generation of theatremakers and 20 years on from the first UK broadcast of Twin Peaks we’re delighted to be creating an event that celebrates the enduring power of the series. We’re interested in creating an immersive Lynch experience over a weekend and using this event to get artists and audiences to explore character and dreams and narrative. And we’re fascinated by Lynch’s creative processes – the notion that great ideas often bubble up from the most unexpected of places - in dreams and through meditation.
DD: Why Twin Peaks? The 20th anniversary?
David Micklem: Many of the theatre artists BAC works with cite Twin Peaks as a major influence on their work. On the 20th anniversary of the first UK broadcast we want to celebrate the ongoing influence of this work on artists and audiences and introduce a younger generation to this brilliant TV show. BAC’s beautiful building lends itself to this event – the old Town Hall has a particular atmosphere that suggests something otherworldly, something out of time and we will be playing with this over the weekend.
DD: What sort of reaction do you expect to achieve? People going crazy?
David Micklem: We have created a completely immersive Twin Peaks experience at BAC for an entire weekend. As well as a broad range of artists’ responses to the films, we are showing both series of Twin Peaks on the big screen. We’re encouraging ticket holders to get dressed up as their favourite characters, to stay awake for 36 hours, to participate in a range of activity across our building. We’re expecting the unexpected.
DD: Is the event aimed at hardcore Lynch fans or newcomers?
David Micklem: Definitely both. We want to welcome audiences who love the series and its ongoing power. And we look forward to introducing people who’ve never seen Twin Peaks to David Lynch. The weekend promises a broad range of things to get involved with – a programme of music, a series of installations, theatre pieces, film and photography as well as a screening of the entirety of Twin Peaks in our Grand Hall.
DD: Will you be dressing up yourself?
David Micklem: Oh yes. But you’ll have to come to BAC on the 23rd October to see as whom!
DD: Any more projects like this to come from BAC?
David Micklem: We’re constantly looking at new ways to explore performance using our building as a playground for creative events. From our beautiful Grand Hall to tiny attic bedrooms and rooms lit by real fires we regularly create performance projects across the entire building for hundreds of people at a time. The best way to keep informed is to join our mailing list and keep visiting our website.

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