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Luke Byrne

Holy Ghost Zine at The CAMP

The London-based curators launch their weeklong exhibition of photography, film and art at Old Street

Under the mysteriously ethereal name 'Holy Ghost', Matthew Ritson and Alexander Mcluckie, two London dwelling photographers are set to launch their new exhibition at the multi-tasking venue The CAMP. The exhibition launching on the 26th of August will run through into the following week, integrating illustrations, photography and video installations collected over the last year. Holy Ghost, the interactive magazine showcases artwork and in-depth artist interviews from all over, featuring the likes of Jeffrey-Meyer and Eric White to emerging talents like Claudio Parentela and Emma Rose.

Artists within the new show will include: Alexander Binder, Ryan Kenny, Ben Mauze, Christopher Schrek, Eddie Jiminexz, Video, Jack Greeley-Ward, Jin Tonic, Max Gleeson, Alf David Bergstrom, William Dove, Benjamin Phillips, Amber Anderson, and Sean Parker. We speak to Matthew Ritson and Alexander Mcluckie about what to expect.

Dazed Digital: Where are you based?
Matthew Ritson and Alexander Mcluckie: We are based in London. We're from separate ends of town though so most of our decisions happen halfway, usually over a burrito somewhere in central.

DD: How do you find your artists?
Matthew Ritson and Alexander Mcluckie: It varies, most of the work is submitted to us by the artist, occasionally we will interview artists whose work we enjoy. Sometimes we'll scroll through the Flickr group and find some amazing photographs. That's how we came across Luke Byrne and Christopher Schreck who will both be in the exhibition.

DD: Is there a connection or running vein between those you choose?
Matthew Ritson and Alexander Mcluckie: I like to think we have a fairly broad spectrum of work on the site; if we like the work it goes up. We seem to cover a lot of ground; video, illustration, painting, photography etc. So it is quite hard to keep a common factor running through everything we put up. There is a general consistency to the work though, a certain level of quality.

DD: Are you artists yourselves?
Matthew Ritson and Alexander Mcluckie: Yes, we're both photographers. You can see what we do at and

DD: Why the name? Do people ever confuse you with Holy Ghost, the band?
Matthew Ritson and Alexander Mcluckie: We chose Holy Ghost as a way of re-branding the religious character and terminology. We had the idea that spreading the news of good artwork was a similar prospect to spreading 'the word'. And fortunately not, although I'm sure if any of there fans were to stumble across the site they wouldn't be disappointed.

DD: What's next?
Matthew Ritson and Alexander Mcluckie: We've got loads of plans for more books and exhibitions but right now we're starting work on Volume 2 of our publication which will hopefully be available by October.

Private view, 26th August 6pm - 9pm. The City Arts & Music Project - 70 - 74 City Road, London. Free entry.
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