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The Sage Divine Group

We talk to the founders of the world's first ever Salvia consultancy group and find out why they want to help New Yorkers get eight miles high

The next time you are in The Big Apple and you want to try something you have never done before, you could do worse than look up Mozz Manzoor and Luis Paredes of The Sage Divine Group: the first ever Salvia consultancy in history. When the two founders of this psychedelic enterprise read our interview with the legenday Jennifer Herrema of Royal Trux and RTX on Dazed Digital, they were more than a little concerned about the plight of her drummer, who smoked Salvia in the shower and went crashing straight through a glass door. They dropped us line with an eye to elightening us as to some of the more positive aspects of the notoriously powerful out-of-body psychoactive, and on the promise of being posted some samples, we gave them a call.

Dazed Digital: Can you describe the Salvia experience?
Mozz Manzoor:
It's very different from most other psychedelics, because with most other psychedelics, the subject is still very connected to reality. The Salvia State is different in that it disconnects you from your regular reality in a very, very powerful way.  We lead you through a proprietary procedure we have created that is designed tune your attention to the moment, and clear your mind of extraneous clutter. Once we feel the student is ready, we administer the Salvia, and the student then experiences what we call a 'jump' – when the student breaks the plane from this reality. What the experience does is stun your ego into silence, and you are left with a stew of raw feelings, emotions and ideas unencumbered by the ego.  
Luis Paredes: The Salvia experience is incredibly unique. I always describe it as a journey. Your sense of time, sense and self is often times distorted and sometimes completely altered. I've had jumps where I've lived a second childhood that wasn't my own. That being said, I think this is exactly why someone needs a guide, because the experience varies in length and intensity. It really helps having someone there who has gone through it and can let you know what to expect as best as possible.

Dazed Digital: Do you think the use of psychedelics can help our species to evolve?
Mozz Manzoor:
 Psychedelics can definitely help us to evolve. The concept of conscious awareness brought cultural evolution into play. This is the same principals as Darwin’s theory applied to a different system. So as conscious awareness expands on a global scale, these theories can be applied and propel the human species into ever greater horizons.
Luis Paredes: Most definitely. One of our biggest hero is Terrence McKenna, who hypothesised that our human evolution was spurred forward by our primate forebears eating psilocybin-containing mushrooms. We have a responsiblity to continue this research and explore how psychedelics can help us evolve. Evolution is not a static process. We aren't the final model of human. We're still evolving.

Dazed Digital: Do you think the psychedelic experience is being taken more seriously by scientists these days?
Mozz manzoor:
 I really believe it is. There was recently an article in the New York Times that talked about how the government is funding research on psychedelics again.  It was a very uplifting thing for us to read.
Luis Paredes: I truly think that scientists are taking the psychedelic experience more seriously and part of that has to do with, oddly enough, how aggressivly psychedelics are being banned across this country. They know for a fact, that certain psychedelics have incredible uses that they know about and many more that are on the horizon that are just being explored. Of course, it's important to find out if you are at risk from taking any kind of psychedelic, which is why we have a consulting session with each client. Most importantly, we ask them why they want to experience Salvia. If it's about the journey and wanting to have a genuine experience, then we seriously consider taking them on as a student. If it's about getting blasted on synthetic weed, as some people think, we turn them away.

Dazed Digital: Are you the first salvia consultancy in history? What do you hope to achieve with your business?
Mozz Manzoor:
 I believe we are, and one of our main goals is to educate the public about the healthy uses of Salvia and fight the mass of misinformation that exists in the media. We also just want to help people reach a state where it is impossible to lie to themselves. In this state a person gets to confront themselves for who they really are for the very first time.  This can be very intense.  My job as your guide is to make sure you are prepared to handle this, before, and after your journey.