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Theo Adams' Cry Out Preview

Dazed Digital gets a sneaky preview of Theo Adams' dance performance and Matthew Stone's accompanying visuals

Curated by Peaches, the Austrian Donau Festival will this Saturday be the scene for Theo Adams' Cry Out premiere. The 20-year-old and his dance company will perform in Krems' Klangraum, one of the world's oldest churches belonging to the Mendicant Order. Other festival artists include These New Puritans, Tindersticks, Alec Empire and Rufus Wainwright, to mention but a few. The theatrical production is an epic show of power ballads, classical scores, queer cabaret and expressionist dance, allowing Adams to develop his very unique brand of performance art. "In the spotlight, your tears glow like glitter. Be a superstar in the chorus. Step forward, and Cry Out". The visuals screened behind the performance - and the trailer shown here exclusively on Dazed Digital - were shot by artist Matthew Stone, who said of the collaboration; "Working with Theo is fun and liberating. Collaborating is always different with performers as they will do anything you want straight off and they add in so much creativity themselves. It also allows me to be more playful with my aesthetic. When I watch Theo's performances I am always struck by the range of the emotions they invoke. In one moment, you might feel embarrassment, but by the next you are left questioning why every hair on your body is standing on end".

Directed and shot by Matthew Stone
Edited by Toshinori Tanaka
Produced by Chris Murdoch
Make-up by Yuka Hirata
Hair by Tomihiro Kono
Make-up provided by M.A.C