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Photos by Lost Art

CRAS: Stephan Doitschinoff

The gifted Brazilian artist won’t let tomorrow spoil today

The last time Dazed spoke with Stephan Doitschinoff he had just released a gorgeous monograph, his self titled book Calma, published by Gestalten and featuring commentary from both Brazilian art critic Tristan Manco and NYC’s high wizard of counter culture, Carlo McCormick. Doitschinoff’s latest solo exhibition entitled CRAS is being unveiled at the second Choque Cultural gallery in Sao Paulo, (as a balance to the first Choque Cultural house, itself an evolving art installation, the new gallery is a more sparse, white cube environment).

His art is a celebration of timeless symbolism, travel, renowned for his immersive, deep digging into Afro-Brazilian folklore, and in preparation for this show Doitschinoff took off once again. “I’ve been to Minas Gerais recently, traveling through the Ouro Preto area,” he explains over e-mail, now back in Sao Paulo with a wi-fi connection. “It’s pretty amazing. They have a strong culture from the old miner slaves, they use to wear big afro hairdos in the 1700 and hide gold in it. Also they used to make mini sanctuaries inside bullets. I’m building some of those myself now.” CRAS in Latin means tomorrow. “But there’s a deeper signification,” explains Doitschinoff. “Don’t let the true matters for tomorrow, practice the things that you believe right now. Death is on your left side all the time, so... live plenty. Pretty easy to say, I know.” So nothing to do with Crass the awesome band? “Nope, Even though I am a fan.”

Stephan Doitschinoff / CRAS, Acervo Choque Cultural, Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo. Until the 3rd May.