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Inside Out, Outside In

Choque Cultural employ the finest Brazilian street artists to makeover Sao Paulo’s legendary Museum of Art

Poised in the middle of Sao Paulo’s busiest stretch is the imposing hulk of Brazil’s monumental Museum of Art. And for the first time ever the art that graces the busy streets is being exhibited inside its doors. Curated by Sao Paulo’s stalwart Choque Cultural gallery, the show features street artists Carlos Dias, Daniel Melim, Ramon Martins, Stephan Doitschinoff, Titi Freak and Zezão, all of whom who have covered the huge huge gallery in their inimitable creations, juxtaposing the classical and the ultra-modern. The two week makeover was open to public and overseen by Choque’s founders Baixo and Mariana Ribeiro and gallery managers Edu Saretta and Haroldo Paranhos. Overall, Inside Out, Outside In marks a seminal leap forward for the world’s most celebrated street art hub...

Dazed Digital: What do each of the artists bring to the show?
Baixo Ribeiro: We chose artists who are muralists and don't have fear of the monumental architecture. They all love to work with such a big space. They all have strong street art connections and debate the influence of urban space on the citizen’s life by opening a direct visual dialogue without any distinction of social or cultural class. Carlos Dias, Daniel Melim, Ramon Martins, Stephan Doitschinoff, Titi Freak and Zezão are part of a generation very influenced by pop culture, skateboarding, graffiti, hip hop, punk and hardcore.

DD: What were your goals with the exhibition and the space?
Baixo Ribeiro: To see this museum show like we were walking down the city streets, and then to walk out and see the city with renewed eyes, as we were in an open air museum. The goals were to deepen and expand the vision we have of the art that surrounds us.

DD: What were the highlights?
Baixo Ribeiro: The exhibition presents a lot of different media – installations, photography, video, objects and pantings on all kind of surfaces and dimensions. The whole show is a huge site-specific exhibition and was open to the public whilst it was built and painted. Every mural will be erased (or painted white) at the end of the show.

DD: What's next for Choque Cultural?
Baixo Ribeiro: The next shows at Choque will open in December. We have Carlos Dias in the new Vila space and Silvana Mello in the old gallery. In January we will show the North Americans Shag and Gary Baseman for the Brazilian public.

Photos by Lost Art
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