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Oat Montien (London, UK)

Fresh off the boat from Thailand, the freelance illustrator Montien is now based in London and studying for his Central St Martins MA

Raised in Bangkok, Oat Montien left home in to study Graphic Design in Sydney, winning various awards including the prestigious Kinokuniya Digital Art Prize. With works in illustration, fashion and graphics, Montien has already been commissioned by clients such as Universal Music, Bella Union, Lonsdale London, and Dior. Currently studying an MA in Communication Design at Central St Martins, Montien is also working as a freelance designer on art and design blogs including and The distinct east meets west quality to his drawings plays with subtle colours and typically asian graphics, resulting in depictions of people and marine life that appear both whimsical and otherworldly, yet somewhat sombre.

Dazed Digital: What is your work all about?

Oat Montien: It's like self-reflection based on my travels. I like to explore the idea of identity – indie boys with glasses, and the weird people which I find totally fascinating. I come from Thailand where this kind of scene doesn't really exist. I have travelled a lot, and I think my artwork reflects that, I like looking at myself in different contexts and cultures.

DD: What inspires you?
Oat Montien: Being here in London. I get a lot of inspiration from people who I meet. My work is often about moments and people's energy.

DD: What other artists do you admire?
Oat Montien: James Jean, Sam Weber, Sylvia Ji... I look to a lot of artists, performance artists like Theo... and Terence Koh is also amazing. Also traditional artists like Alphonse Mucha, Francis Bacon, Hokusai... I take elements from a lot of stuff, and more importantly, I look at magazines like Dazed.

DD: What is the world coming to?
Oat Montien: An end. We live in cycles, things are created, things are destroyed, it's just natural.

DD: What is your worst fashion secret?
Oat Montien: I wear hot pink underwear from Topshop.. I don't know what I was thinking. I'm wearing them now, look!

DD: Woah!!! What's at the top of your shit list?
Oat Montien: I'm really easy-going so I don't know.. what freaks you out?

DD: Mixing fruit with meat... shit music.. pretentious people?
Oat Montien: Yes, pretentious people!

DD: What is next?
Oat Montien: Pastel colours! Saturated colours are going out, people are living too saturated. Let's go back to pastels. Amen.