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Jean-Baptiste Biche (Brussels, Belgium)

This "underground art nerd" from Brussels is a creative force to be reckoned with

Jean-Baptiste Biche refers to himself as “the usual underground-arty-nerdy-fag”, and given that he kicked off his career producing ultra-hip club flyers, perhaps that self-deprecating statement is a fairly accurate description of him. The fashionista/filmmaker/artiste is a firm devotee of Klaus Nomi, Matthew Barney, Quentin Crisp, Alexander McQueen, and Julie Verhoeven (to name but a few of his cited influences), and his impressive portfolio has recently expanded to include classical tailoring catalogues, illustrated tees, performance art costumes and crazed soundtracks, so we just had to introduce him to all you Dazed lovers out there!

Dazed Digital: Where are you from?
Jean Baptiste Biche: I'm from a small French village.

DD: Where do you live?
JBB: I live in Brussels, Belgium.

DD: How old are you?
JBB: I'm 24.

DD: Tell us a little about yourself as an artist.
JBB: Let's say that I just feel like sharing things.

DD: How did you become interested in drawing?
JBB: I've been drawing for so long that I never asked myself such question, I always thought my left hand had six fingers.

DD: Where do you seek for inspiration?
JBB: The hardest thing is not to find inspiration, but to use it and to let it go again.

DD: You are involved in performance, music, fashion, how you manage to do all those things?
JBB: To me it's all the same – I'm just communicating information through different mediums, but you need coordination to do that of course.

DD: What’s the most inspiring thing you have seen?
JBB: Actually, I am usually most inspired by records, because they stimulate your brain through your ears but leave an empty canvas for your eyes.

DD: The one piece of work you wish you'd created?
JBB: I wish I'd written Henry Purcell’s music.

DD: Your favourite piece of clothing?
JBB: My wooden high heels by Mademoiselle Jean.

 With whom you would like to collaborate?

JBB: Without  hesitation, I would have to say Alexander McQueen.

DD: How do you see yourself in the future?

JBB: The same (I hope).