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Kenzo Minami Remakes

A new solo show at Soho Grand in New York addresses Minami's obsession with repetition.

The New York artist Kenzo Minami's fascination with typography repetition is evident from his homepage, a tiled graphic of his name. In his new solo show at the Soho Grand in New York, Minami addresses the phenomenon of remakes, both in art and culture, fields which this multi-faceted artist is familiar with having launched his own clothing label and participated in collaborations in a variety of fields. He looks back on the past ten years as a decade of remakes and repeats and ultimately this exhibition is a statement about the noughties being an undefinable decade in terms of creative aesthetics. His prints and paintings present the art of repetition as his own vision of the way the 20th century should have ended.
Kenzo Minami at The Gallery at Soho Grand Hotel, 310 West Broadway, New York City, from September 9 to December 2.