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I am Carles. Are you Carles?

Carles has added an 'I Am Carles' merchandising element to his popular blog Hipster Runoff.

Staying ‘culturally relevant’ has been Carles’s main preoccupation for the past couple of years, the ultimate goal being getting more and more hits on his blog Hipster Runoff. He started by posting songs but everyone had the same idea and it soon became meaningless as the internet was crammed with music blogs. HRO eventually turned into a full on, sarcastic, border line analysis of today’s youth culture driven by free MP3s, party pics and blogs. Adopting the writing style of a 14-year-old texting from his smart phone, he questions one's taste in music and fashion and analyses musicians, scenesters, personalities and mainstream events from a fabricated candid point of view.

The key element of the ‘conceptual execution of HRO’ is the mystery surrounding its author. Every reader wonders who is Carles: Is he a geek or a hipster? Is it a boy or a girl? Is he American novelist Tao Lin? Are they different authors writing under one alias? No one really knows and there are many theories going around. Anyway, remaining anonymous is an interesting choice in an era where people have an average of 400 pictures on their social network profile. It helps to create a modern myth, just as Carles’ latest “personal brand” expansion: the launch of the ‘I AM CARLES’ t-shirt. Now theoretically speaking anyone is entitled to claim ‘I AM CARLES’ which means everyone can be Carles and Carles could be anybody. To cover his tracks even more artfully, it is Tao Lin who was chosen to represent the ‘brand’ – along with a girl who looks like she just popped out of an American Apparel ad. To top all of that, for $3,000, the enigmatic blogger will deliver the t-shirt himself and you could "possibly 'chill" with him depending on your personal brand. Amazing.
Authentic or Meaningful?
Carles: It seems more difficult to be 'authentic.'  Things can be as 'meaningful' as you let them be.  I think it is a safe bet to choose to live a 'meaningful life' because that means you accept it for what it is.

Lookbook or Face Hunter?
Carles: I enjoy tweens, so definitely Lookbook. Facehunter bro seems chill though.

TGIF or Chilli’s?
Carles: While both are 'shitty bar food' restaurants, I think that the Chili's brand is more post-ironic. I feel like if I could be a mainstreamer with a family, I would go to Chili's with my family without knowing just how bad their food is for you. I would raise obese children. I would tell myself that they are happy when I fill their tummies.

Bros or Hoes?
Carles: Bros are forever. A true bro will always be there for you.

Animal Collective or Death Cab For Cutie?
Carles: I think Deathcab in their prime is 'insanely' more meaningful than the Animal Collective. Deathcab came around when people were searching  for meaning... AnCo came along at a time when people were 'trying 2 like music that sounded different than traditional indie music.'

iPod touch or shuffle?
Carles: The iPod touch seems like it is 'for assholes.'  Like kids whose parents didn't want to buy them an iPhone, because it meant spending several thousand dollars on a phone plan. I think that the shuffle is 'chill' but it might be too small. 

ICQ or iChat?
Carles: I use Adium to manage multiple accounts. Seems like a solid solution. iChat seems 'entry level.' ICQ seems 'dead', but possibly something that every one outside of America uses.

Cory Kennedy or Agyness Deyn?
Carles: They are both 'too alt' 4 me. Maybe someone like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, or a cast member from Beverly Hills 90210.

Carles: MGMT seems like they will be around for a long time. Both of them seems to be very 'professional', like they enjoy the products that they make. 

Twitter or Facebook?
Carles: Facebook seems like something that reminds you of 'shit heads from your past' on a daily basis. Twitter is just some marketing tool.  Feel scared of people who get 'too real' on the internet, like updating about their parent getting cancer or something just so they can 'get supportive comments.'  I feel weird when that happens.

Alice Glass or M.I.A?
Carles: Damn.  I think M.I.A. is more of an 'artist', and Alice Glass is sort of just 'reluctantly pretending' to be a musician.  Not sure. M.I.A. might be a 'sell out.'  Not sure if I even like 'women in music.'  Think that I will answer this question with the response: 'Feist.'