Spartacus Chetwynd at Dissonanze

The London artist brings her fruit bat fixation to the festival in Rome.

Spartacus Chetwynd is among the artists who will be appearing this year at Dissonanze, one of Europe's foremost events for electronic music and multimedia art, which returns for its eight edition on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th May. The festival also features Model 500, Madlib, Italian artist Nico Vascellari performing with US noise-masters John Wiese and Stephen O'Malley, and many others, including Dazed favourites like Switch, No Age and The Bug.

Dazed Digital: What has been the most elaborate of your performances so far?
Spartacus Chetwynd:
MDC The Snail Race 06.03.08

DD: What are your inspirations for the Dissonanze Festival performance, and what can we expect to see?
Four people who are so 'extreme' they have been turned inside out - with all their guts and organs on the outside, dancing to the music they play

DD: Where is your troop of nomads from? Do you collaborate with fellow artists?
The friends I work with are artists and all sorts. Anyone is welcome. I have met most of them from dancing in clubs. We are based in South London.

DD: How important is it to document your work in film?
Documentation is a zen art form, it's impossible and ever out of reach, like a floating peach!

DD: Spartacus Chetwynd works over so many media: zines, live art, video art, painting... Is there any media you are yet to master?
Levitation. I'd like to run a cheap restaurant from my own home, speciality being "the free Lunch"!

DD: Which artists and musicians will you be checking out at the Dissonanze festival?
SC: I am so arrogant and self absorbed that I have not checked who the other artists are? I have no idea. I guess I'll meet them on May 9th. Is Meat Loaf playing? Or Alice Cooper? Or Dolly Parton... Am I going to be disappointed?

DD: You regularly return to the image of fruit bats - why?
I am fixated on ideas of financial debt, romance and ugliness. Fruit bats have terribly bad credit when it comes to cultural identity - they are like bankrupt, ugly mice with wings that have addictive gambling problems!

DD: What else are you working on?
SC: A monthly club night called Sugar Tit's Doom Club, here in London town. I want to get married to a girl called Mimei.