Dubplate Drama

The second series of Dubplate Drama, an interactive urban youth series begins tonight.

Series two of urban youth series Dubplate Drama kicks off tonight on Channel 4 at 12.40am – following the struggle of Dionne, a young woman trying to cut that all-important dubplate and ultimately better herself through music, each episode ends with a cliffhanger in which viewers are invited to text in which route they think a key character should take (tonight's is about whether Dionne should stash her cousin's drugs when the police raid the club they're in).

The first series was the first TV drama to include a viewer voting mechanism like this, and the show's producers are hoping the new series will reach an even wider audience than the 20,000 votes cast in the first.

Devised by the youth marketing agency Livity, based in Brixton, south London, the series is again written and directed by Luke Hyams and will feature turns from the likes of Shystie, N-Dubz, Mike GLC, Big Narstie and Kano. Meanwhile, a parallel mini-series will run on E4, MTV Base, MTV-1, MySpace and all the mobile phone networks. "This is all about genuine participation," whispered producer Sam Conniff when we rang him up in a bookshop earlier this evening, "and the power it gives to both individuals and the group. But it's still good storytelling... young people just access things in different ways now. It's nothing new, we get all caught up in new technology, but it's really all about the story." Biggle for sure, but as the show's tagline has it, what happens next is up to you...