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Canada might be running out of weed

Oh, Trudeau

When I went to Jamaica last year, the grandaddy of weed-smoking countries, I met a lot of Canadians. They were the ones blazing marijuana all day and all night, pretty much constantly high and having long discussions about the potency of Caribbean strains.

So, when I heard that Canada is suffering from a marijuana shortage, I wasn't surprised. The country will become the first major economy to legalise recreational weed in the next year, but they already have a huge taste for it. 

Studies have also shown that people in Canada are among the largest numbers of people hitting the blunt.

According to Bloomberg, the worry is that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plan to create a legal market will heighten problems for an already struggling market and ultimately slow down legalisation.

With 167,754 registered medicinal marijuana users, triple the amount from last year, supply shortages are already a problem for Canada’s existing medicinal suppliers and users.

Medical marijuana has been regulated in Canada since 2001, with users needing a prescription to buy off of one of about 40 federally regulated producers.

The weed market in Canada is expected to reach C$6 billion (£3.5 billion) annually by 2021, and combined demand for recreational and medical marijuana may reach 575,000 kilograms by 2021.

A poll last year found that around 900,000 Canadians are likely to start smoking weed when legalisation is pushed through.