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Goodhood x Beams T x Ken Kagami
Goodhood x Beams T x Ken Kagami

Japanese illustrator Ken Kagami takes us to art’s dark side

The Tokyo-based illustrator teams self-deprecation, a wicked sense of humour, and witty design in an attempt to subvert art world snobbery

Ken Kagami has a wicked sense of humour – which, naturally, makes him a delightful addition to the art world.

Whether the Japanese-born artist and illustrator is working on his “Intimate Portrait” sessions (where he just knows what your breasts and genitals look like without the need for removing any clothing, and draws them accordingly) or a canvas that reads “Please imagine a boring abstract painting”, it's clear he has no qualms about shaking up one of the world’s most intimidating and exclusive industries.

Now he's set his sights on the British retail scene – at London's Goodhood, where the dark-humoured artist’s collaboration on a zine and a series of t-shirts, caps and posters with fellow Japanese brand Beams, is being stocked. An international extension of Kagami's own retail space in Tokyo, The Strange Store, where he sells one-off items of clothing, found objects, ephemera, art works, and zines, the Kagami/Beams/Goodhood team-up, with its tongue-in-cheek title Trendy Art Club, proves that nothing is lost in translation.

See the collaboration in full here