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Man selling fake drugs says he’s doing ‘god’s work’

Dodgy mushrooms 4 Jesus

A man has been arrested at Bonnaroo festival in Nashville for selling fake drugs. His reasoning? He was “doing god’s work”. Now go out and smash those fake acid tabs for the Lord.

David E. Brady was found by authorities at the festival, with performances by Skepta and Chance the Rapper, to have a bag of mushrooms hidden in his waistband. After trying to discard substances on his person, police, according to FOX17, found he had “37 pills made to look as if they were molly, a synthetic drug that alters mood and perception, 22 bags of fake mushrooms, approximately 1,000 hits of fake acid, 20 bags made to look like cocaine and an incense stick made to look like black tar heroin”.

As Mixmag reports, he will be brought to Arkansas, where he’s already wanted for an outstanding felony bench warrant. Brady was subsequently charged with two counts of counterfeit controlled substances, with a bond set at $120,000.

Bonnaroo is a popular 4-day festival held in Nashville, Tennessee. Authorities report that over a dozen arrests were made across the event, with some relating to drugs.

If you’re worried about the drugs you come across at festivals, several music events in the UK have pledged to bring in drug-testing services this summer. Secret Garden Party last year became the first UK festival to offer the service, in partnership with drug safety awareness charity The Loop.