Joss Whedon unveils film in support of Planned Parenthood

The Buffy creator has directed a short in support of the sexual healthcare organisation

Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon has debuted a short film that highlights the necessity of Planned Parenthood.

The three-minute movie, titled Unlocked, presents a series of fictional – but very real ­– scenarios in which women's lives are gravely affected due to the unavailability of care from Planned Parenthood.

Whedon's film comes as a response to the recent passing of The American Healthcare Act, which threatens to revoke all funding for the non-profit health care provider for a year. The Act will put the availability of routine services and healthcare like birth control, sex education, and STI and cancer screenings at great risk, affecting the lives of millions, particularly those on low-income. 

Speaking of the importance of women's healthcare, Whedon said: “It is about whether they have control over their bodies and whether they have control over their minds and their education and their decisions.” The film asks, “What world do you want?” and is accompanied by the “#IStandWithPP” hashtag.

This is not the first time that the director has spoken out on the importance of Planned Parenthood. In December 2015 he made a considerable donation to the organisation, adding $50 to every monthly donation started up to $100,000 total.

On Monday May 15, Donald Trump expanded on the Mexico City Policy by introducing the “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance” policy, which will further block funding provided for abortions outside the U.S. The expansion of the policy will add new restrictions to non-governmental organisations that support abortion or who include abortion in their outlining of information on family planning.