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Donald Trump in a truck
Donald Trump celebrating having had a go in a truck

Donald Trump loves trucks

The president was treated to a go in a big vehicle....and boy did he enjoy it!

BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump has admitted the travel ban is ridiculous, that building a wall is an unhinged idea and that the concept of “fake news” is a deflection tactic designed to divert attention from the fact that more or less everything he says is untrue. JUST KIDDING, but he does love trucks. There’s at least one demographic he’s positive about – it’s trucks.

During a meeting with the American Trucking Association at the White House, Trump was allowed to sit at the wheel of a large lorry and wow – this man loves pretending to drive a truck. At least, I think he does. Is this what happiness looks like? Does happiness look like the whites of your knuckles showing as you grip the wheel of a lorry and shout through the windscreen into the distance? He looks simultaneously like an enraged pensioner and an enormous five-year-old boy having been allowed one more go on the dodgems by his exasperated mum.

“Get you someone who loves you as much as Trump loves trucks” you could say, but you could also say “get as far away from someone who holds onto trucks and screams at them like Trump does” and I’d understand. Not long ago Trump gave a speech – one that wasn’t utterly bizarre, just him managing to read off an autocue – and the critics that he despises queued up to remark on how “presidential” he appeared. Here is the said “presidential” president celebrating the experience of pretending to drive a truck.

Trump’s truck love-in didn’t stop there – he appeared at a press conference soon after his horn honking session wearing an “I <3 TRUCKS” badge, eradicating any lingering doubt that anyone could have had over his opinion on trucks. He loves ‘em baby!

While Trump was pretending to drive a truck, his American Healthcare Act that he wants to replace Obamacare, the one that is likely to help higher-income, healthier citizens, was running into trouble in Washington D.C, with even Republicans turning on it. I’m not arguing that the needs or welfare of American truckers aren’t important, it’s more that everything Trump says or does (check this bizarre interview on TIME) adds to a list of compelling evidence that a giant, unfit baby has been elected to run America and it’s completely surreal.

Trump has loved trucks before – here he is last year loving trucks. Trucks.