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Rip it Up and Start Again

In the July issue of Dazed, we present the world's most inspiring young creative entrepeneurs who are refusing to be credit crunched.

You don't need us to tell you what a mess the world is in. We'll leave that to the Financial Times and their mates. Instead of dwelling on how bleak everyone's futures are, Dazed & Confused and our global team of contributors want to shout about people who are refusing to let their creative dreams get suffocated by a bunch of fat cats. The new issue of Dazed profiled a group of thirty five young creative entrepeneurs who are more determined than ever to make something new and cool happen on their own terms. From indie record label bosses and DIY zine publishers to fashion designers, art curators and even a guy who cooks chicken for club hipsters, we've chosen these individuals and collectives because their originality and enthusiasm is truly inspiring. If ever there was a time to rip up the rulebook and start again, this is it. What's stopping you?

We have put together more indepth profiles of each YCE (young creative entrepeneur) and will be shining the spotlight on every one on Dazed Digital over the next few weeks. Read the feature in the new issue of Dazed out now.