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via @polNewsNetwork1 / Twitter

What is the future that liberals really want?

Let Twitter answer that question

Earlier this week, a far-right Twitter user – known as @polNewsNetwork1 – shared a reliably dumb tweet with the online world. The post, which quickly went viral, showed a photo of a drag queen and a Muslim sitting next to each other on the New York subway. “This is the future that liberals want,” read the sage accompanying caption.

You see:

The account is linked to 4chan’s infamous alt-right /pol/ message board, which means – surprisingly – this was actually a serious tweet. It also means that it was slaughtered within seconds. Like Richard Spencer’s punched face, the tweet quickly became a meme, with users on the site swiftly responding with their best visions of the polNewsNetwork1’s “liberal” future. 

Like so:

The tweet eventually made its way back to Gilda Wabbit, the drag queen who was captured in the original image. 

“The clapback against the negative attention from the far-right has been fabulous,” she said, when asked about her new meme status. “I won’t speak for all liberals, but my goal is for everyone – white, brown, drag queen, soccer mom, cisgender, trans, heterosexual, queer, working class, middle class – to be able to exist as they choose without judgement or fear.”

Wabbit added: “I hope one day that a picture of a woman in modesty garb sitting next to a colorful drag queen isn’t out of the ordinary — that it’s every day life for everyone!”