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XX horror anthology

St. Vincent discusses the all-women horror anthology XX

Two disturbing clips have been dropped ahead of the project's release

St. Vincent’s film project drops this Friday (February 17), titled The Birthday Party, as part of the all-women horror anthology XX. The “Silent Witness” singer’s directorial debut is a black comedy, where a mother keeps her daughter’s birthday celebrations going despite discovering that her husband has committed suicide. Alongside Annie Clark are directors Karyn Kusama with Her Only Living Son, Roxanne Benjamin’s Don’t Fall and Jovanka Vuckovic with The Box.

The anthology series is the first of its kind, with women in its starring roles and all women directors. In the featurette, Clark explains how The Birthday Party is partly based on a true story, about a person having to make a difficult split second decision.

Two clips from Her Only Living Son and Don’t Fall have been dropped ahead of this week’s release. Kusama’s Her Only Living Son involves a trip to the principal’s office following a spat between two students, with some grisly details emerging. Don’t Fall sees two young people in a caravan, pursued by a creature. Watch the two short visuals below, as well as a clip of all the directors discussing their pieces.

XX is in theatres, Amazon and iTunes on February 17.