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Marc Jacobs Courtney Love David Sims
Continuing in his trend of casting his icons in his campaigns, Marc Jacobs selected the queen of grunge Courtney Love to star in his AW16 ad.Photography David Sims

Courtney Love to star in a murderous TV movie

The directors of 2003 cult hit Party Monster are adapting the brutal murder case of the Menendez brothers

Courtney Love is teaming up with the directors of 2003 cult hit Party Monster for a Lifetime movie about the highly-publicised Menendez brothers’ murder case.

She will play Kitty Menendez, a wealthy Hollywood mother, who is the victim of a double homicide along with her high-powered executive husband, Jose Menendez. The true story centres on the two sons of Menendez, charged for the shotgun murder of their parents after a rollercoaster, televised trial in 1994.

The two boys murdered their parents after a day spent shark fishing in 1989. They dumped their guns on Mulholland Drive and went to the cinema, then to hang out with friends at a wine joint, as an alibi. During the lengthy trial, it was revealed that they both suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of their father while their mother turned a blind eye. The two sons remain in prison for their crimes.

The story is the perfect match for the gritty-glam aesthetic of Party Monster directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato. Though the other roles are yet to be cast, Love will have a lot of material to dig into for her role as Kitty. Just look at the Wiki entry.

Filming begins next month in Vancouver and the result will likely air later this year.