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The most honest advice from the art world’s biggest names

Ai Weiwei, John Baldessari, Annie Leibovitz and more share their experiences of fame, money, and failure while navigating the art world

Everyone has their two cents when it comes to advice. But with the amplification that the internet allows it’s easy for any iota of substance to be drowned out. For every actual pearl of wisdom there are often 100 corny and empty memes on Instagram.

What helps? Reading interviews and watching documentaries on your favourite artists does, but what about that quick fix? Thankfully, there is now an almost pocket-sized guide to get you through. Art Is the Highest Form of Hope & Other Quotes by Artists – published last month by Phaidon – rounds up hundreds of quotes taken from the diaries, letters, interviews, memoirs, monographs, and more, of the world’s most notable artists. It’s also divided into topics such as fame, money, failure, beauty, to name a few, in case you’re looking for something more specific. With over 300 artists featured – from Nan Goldin to Claude Monet, Salvador Dali to Matisse, Picasso, and Tracey Emin – in celebration of these brilliants minds coming together between two covers, we round up 10 pearlers from the book.

Art Is the Highest Form of Hope & Other Quotes by Artists, published by Phaidon, is available now