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Matt Lambert
via Instagram (@dielamb, Matt Lambert)

#TwoMenKissing hashtag reacts to the Orlando attack

The hashtag hits back against the homophobia that appears to have spurred the shooting in the gay bar that left at least 50 dead

People have been executed for their sexuality and their willingness to express themselves just as they are, in a space that had been their safe haven. In the wake of the horrific events in Orlando, a community has come together. Now, people are using social media as a space to express their bravery and defiance in the face of deadly homophobia, with #TwoMenKissing trending on Twitter and Instagram.

The father of the shooter, Seddique Mateen, came forward with a statement that said Omar Mateen had been enraged when he encountered two men kissing months before. “He saw two men kissing each other… and got very angry. Maybe that’s why he went after a gay club,” he said.

Since the attack at Pulse nightclub, a well-known gay bar in Orlando, Florida, huge numbers of people have expressed their grief, sympathy and defiance. Vigils have been held in many major cities – with one happening this evening in Soho, London – and social media has seen an outpouring of support via the #TwoMenKissing and #LoveWins hashtags.