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Human Traffic
Human Traffic (1999)Courtesy Metrodome

Human Traffic is reportedly getting a sequel

The 90s cult classic could soon be returning

A sequel to 90s cult classic Human Traffic is reportedly in the works.

The 1999 film – which follows one drug-fuelled weekend in Cardiff – was described by critics at the time as the “last great film of the 90s”. Now, according to reports in Loaded, it’s looking set to return; with a Facebook page promoting the sequel “quietly appearing” in March this year.

The (admittedly pretty lo-fi) page claims that the follow-up will be titled Human Traffic: The Revolution. It also states that the project will be written and directed by Justin Kerrigan, with Sally Hibbin and Parallax East on board as producers.

Danny Dyer, who originally played the role of Moff, tweeted yesterday that it was one of his “favourite roles ever” – though refused to clearly confirm or deny the reports.

Kerrigan, who wrote and directed the first film, has also kept silent on the project.

“I’m proud to have worked with all the people on Human Traffic,” he told Wales Online back in 2014. “It was the surprise box office hit of the year and the awards that it won were totally unexpected, but what I’m most proud of is when people tell me ‘that’s me’, that they see themselves in one of the characters.”

“It makes me feel that we are all connected in some strange way.”

Watch the original trailer below: