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Scott Marsh

We interview the artist behind the massive Kanye mural

Scott Marsh explains why he painted a giant mural of Kanye making out with his favourite person (himself) – and why he’s not fussed if someone paints a dick on it

If you’re a Sydney resident, and a Kanye West fan, some good news: a new mural of West making out with his favourite person (himself) has appeared in your hometown. Only days after a giant mural of Kim Kardashian-West appeared on a neighbouring street (before being subsequently defaced), Australian street artist Scott Marsh has added to Sydney’s celebrity-inspired street art with a giant mural of Yeezy himself

The mural appears on the wall of a wine bar in Sydney’s Teggs Lane, and is based on this Photoshopped image of West which did the rounds about a year ago. While the message of the mural is fairly clear: Kanye may love Kim, but Kanye is his own number one bae, we thought we’d reach out to Marsh to find out more about his first ever piece of Yeezy street art. 

“I’m not too worried about the wall being defaced. I’m sure a dick will get drawn on it at some point", Marsh tells us. Ironically, given the fact that the mural has single-handedly done more to raise his international profile than any of his other work, Marsh didn’t spend too long agonising over the piece. “It’s probably the least effort I have put into a mural, it only took me four hours as a bit of a laugh”. 

Marsh has been baffled by the international response to the piece. “I’ve been in stitches since yesterday, one article today claimed I had ‘put Sydney on the map’ which is hilarious, and a whole new level of moronic”. When I ask Marsh about the reaction from West’s camp, he tells me they’ve been in touch asking him to paint over the wall. Does Marsh think there's anyone out there with as much self-love as Yeezy himself? “I’m sure they exist out there somewhere but I have seen no evidence.” Any final words to the great man himself? “I love you”. 

What next? Well, there’s probably a street artist out there perfecting a pictorial representation of Kanye’s Twitter meltdowns as we speak.