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OK, not a Chinese teenager – this is a photo called “Luuta (Broom)” – from Susiraja's series titled “Good Behaviour”

Chinese teenagers are sticking pens under their breasts

The #UnderboobChallenge is sweeping China, and if you can’t hold a biro under your breasts, try sticking a row of coins in your bellybutton instead

When Sir Tim Berners Lee invented the Internet back in 1990, who knows what he envisioned it one day may achieved. Connecting the world. Enabling the sharing of knowledge and information. Aiding humanity’s eventual progress. Bored teenagers sticking pens under their boobs.

The #UnderboobChallenge is a viral social media craze which started in Japan, moved through China’s Weibo network, and is now moving to UK shores. It’s basically an opportunity for the genetically blessed to show off how big their tits are by sticking some stationery under there.

Mashable reports that the craze has now spread to men. Depending on how much you go to the gym, you can either stick a pen between your rock-hard pecs, or just pop one in your rolls of belly fat. A couple of particularly enterprising individuals are also sticking coins in their belly buttons, which is kind of gross.

Chinese social media is an interesting place. Last year, the authorities attempted to ban 'your mum' jokes from Facebook, much to the dismay of teenage boys everywhere. Instagram is also banned in China, which is a bummer for anyone hoping to put a flattering filter on their #UnderboobChallenge.

If you don’t have a pen to hand (who uses pens nowadays) you can try a lighter, mascara, or if you’re fuller figured, why not stick a beer bottle under there? Unfortunately this is a craze that flat-chested sisters like myself will have to sit out, but if you’re blessed with big bosoms and a decent biro collection, it might be for you.