Kris Jenner hosts infomercial selling $100 magic candles

The Kardashian momager probably wishes this failed venture with candle hack Dr. Linda Salvin could remain dead and forgotten

This is Kris Jenner, multimillionaire momager and CEO of the Kardashian empire, hawking a psychic’s $100 candles in a vintage, budget infomercial. In the video, she introduces Dr. Linda Salvin (doctor of what, we’re not sure), founder of Wicks of Wisdom. Jenner enters around the 2:07 mark, then floats through the audience, asking members to recite questions they’ve most definitely been paid to ask, like, “Is it true I can use the Soulmate® candle to make my relationship more passionate?”

Why yes, Cindy, the Soulmate® candle will “not only enhance your passion, it can help you draw in somebody new in your love life as well,” chimes Dr. Salvin. These candles literally promise for the universe to shift in your favour. They purport to deliver positive vibes as their scent travels through the air. They are the candle version of that 198-page hoax, The Secret. Tl;dr: they are bogus.

What’s funny is that this video, featuring one of the most famous people walking the earth, has less than 40,000 views on YouTube. It’s not clear how many candles Jenner had to burn through to get the universe to bury this skeleton, but now it’s back and ready to change lives. Watch it fast, offer only lasts for the next 30 minutes.