Dana Goldstein (New York, USA)

A photographer who stays honest.

Dana Goldstein was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky but has spent much of her life living in Brooklyn and the south of France. In summer 2007 she received her BFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design and is now permanently living and working in New York City. The majority of Goldstein's photography is fine art portraiture based on themes like chance and experience. Goldstein's work was recently shown at the Pulse Art Fair in NYC through the Saatchi Gallery and she will be exhibiting through Tiny Vices at the New York Photography Festival in May.

W: http://www.danalaurengoldstein.com/

Q & A
...so special about you, then?

I don't think there's anything too special about me, but I always try to keep my head up and keep going. Everyone says I laugh a lot and I guess I can be a bit of a troublemaker somtimes.

...your worst vice?

My Blackberry and daily horoscopes.

...better, analogue or digital?

Analogue. I don't care what anyone says, there's something indescribable and irreproducible about it.

...your favourite piece of clothing?

My Tera Patrick Supreme Shirt.

...the world coming to?

I'm not sure, I try to avoid the media as much as possible.

...the name of your hero?

Shy from Flavor of Love.

...so great about your hero?

She keeps it real.

...next year going to bring?

Adventure, opportunity, travel.

...your worst fashion secret?

I think it's trivial..

How would you describe your work?