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The drone that didn’t quite make it

Drone carrying weed, cigars and saws crashes in prison

The ambitious UAV went down at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary before it could pass on the goods to prisoners

Drones do all sorts. They film pornosdeface billboards and slice Enrique Iglesias’ hands open. They also smuggle drugs. Earlier this year, one crashed at the Mexican border carrying six pounds of meth, which is certainly no personal stash. Increasingly, people are using drones to fly contraband into prisons to make life behind bars a little for bearable for inmates. The latest UAV attempt to breach jail security is probably the most ambitious we’ve seen.

The drone pictured above crashed at Oklahoma State Penitentiary carrying hacksaws, cigarettes, cigars, weed, heroin, a mobile phone and glue, with the load dangling from a fishing line. Unfortunately for the intended recipients, the UAV got snagged in the prison’s fence, leaving inmates drugless, phoneless and cigarless.

In a statement, Oklahoma Department of Corrections Director Robert Patton said: "I applaud and commend the quick action and diligence on the part of the staff who noticed the UAV that entered the prison grounds."

This is the first incident of its kind in the state, but drug smuggling via drone has been going on countrywide for some time. This attempt has only been thwarted by ambition and consequently Oklahoma probably hasn’t seen the last of airborne vehicles attempting to drop drugs into prisons.