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"I super like you"

How to let people know you’re super thirsty on Tinder

Shout out to the ‘hey, text back’ gang – the app’s new feature is for you

Over the course of your life you will probably have received advice from your friends like "play it cool", "don’t text them now, it’s late" and "be patient". Anyone using the "Super Like" feature on Tinder has either never had the fortune to receive these wisdom pearls, or has wilfully ignored such counsel and freaked out many a potential lover in the process.

"Super Like" enables you to really show off your thirst. You don’t really know much about this person bar a few photos and a hastily assembled bio, but fuck it, you super like them. Tinder allows you to "Super Like" one of your matches just once a day – an important preventative measure to stop keenos super liking all day.

Tinder chief executive Sean Rad says, "People like to know that someone finds them special", which to an extent is true, but usually "finding someone special" develops over a period of sustained shared experience. Sorry everyone – the biggest lie the world ever sold you is "love at first sight".

The new feature was announced in a new, slightly odd trailer where a woman working in a diner is being hit on by creepy dudes.  However, when she "super likes" another guy (who appears to hang out in total darkness), a superhero comes to the rescue and unites them.

This probably isn’t how things are going to pan out IRL. Now I don’t know, but I expect Tinder’s new "super like" feature to be heavily misused. I’m calling it: 2016 will be the year of thirsty, unrequited digital advance. Get ready people, the "you never text me back" crew are armed with a brand new weapon.