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Instagram via @polyesterzine
via @polyesterzine

Follow these zines on Instagram for some serious eye candy

A mood board for your mind’s eye – these mags have social channels so good they could act as a separate publication altogether

If you haven’t cottoned on yet, social media really is an essential part to any business – magazines/zines/publishers included. Not only does it help us indulge the lazy media-guzzling beasts we’ve become but it’s a sure-fire way to get your vision out there, to millions of people in all corners of the globe. More often than not, social platforms are an extension of their mother media – a mood board for the mind’s eye. But here we chart some of the mags that have social channels so good they could act as a separate publication altogether.


The fact that Of The Afternoon is bi-annual just isn’t enough to satiate our eyeballs. But luckily the Manchester-based photography and visual culture publication also has this little (by little I mean over 12k followers) platform on the web where they post amazing images that keep us busy in the in-between time.


London-based zine and purveyors of all things glitter, sparkly and good, Polyester’s feed goes beyond just issue content – although that’s pretty awesome too – and serves up those images that you need, but you didn’t know you needed. No, it’s not supposed to make sense, just go with it – you’ll be happy you did.


‘Vagina Dentata’ is a folklore that details a toothed vagina, meaning castration is highly likely to any male suitors that ‘try their luck’. It’s pretty much the most perfect title of any zine that dedicates itself to sci-fi and female fantasies, as Vagina Dentata does. Issue 1 hasn’t dropped yet, but their Instagram feed is a must-see mood board of things they’ve cherry picked from around the interweb, feat. cyborgs, glitter and Sailor Moon.


Food For Fashion (or FFF) does the almost impossible and makes food even better than it is already. The mag recently launched their first issue and if you haven’t yet got your grubby hands on it than their feed is a pretty damn good substitute for your five a day.


By queering porn through art and photography new mag Pornceptual (we met them here) create intelligent dialogues around erotica, sex and nudity – asking us to redefine the stoic mindsets we have towards each of those words. While they’re new on the scene – with issue 1 just recently launched – their Instagram is already a mine full of wonder.

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