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A Twin Peaks pop-up diner is coming to London

The immersive dining experience will presumably serve a damn good cup of coffee

“This must be where pies go when they die.” A pop-up, immersive Twin Peaks dining experience is coming to London. The Owls Are Not What They Seem – named after a quote that embodies the core mystery of the surreal series – promises to thrust guests into a Lynchian environment. They will be treated to a three-course meal including a cup of damn fine coffee and a slice of cherry pie.

Experts in food design and experimentation Blanch & Shock team up with hyper-theatrical events specialist Amy Lord of Lemonade and Laughing Gas for the pop-up. Fans will also be able to “explore the world of the characters, installations and sets created.” Then enjoy a nightcap with a bespoke cocktail and a flirt with Shelley, or, if you’re that way inclined, the Log Lady.

What inspired you to make this idea happen?

Amy Lord: Even before the news of the return of Twin Peaks, we wanted to make an event that was a homage to the series and to the work of David Lynch as a whole. When we heard whisperings of an imminent new series, we knew it was the right time – we wanted to bring people together with a common love for it like us, and celebrate the return in a style we hope does it justice.

Where did the idea come from?

Amy Lord: In Twin Peaks, whatever is happening, the diner is the anchor point. We repeatedly return to this place and it can feel both like a breathing space, and where key plot lines unfold in typical melodramatic Lynch style. It is where characters congregate to eat and drink, and so felt like the natural place to use as inspiration for the restaurant part of the evening.

As artists and event makers, we’ve always been more naturally drawn to the hyper-theatrical, uncanny and surreal: both in terms of aesthetics/design and the experiences and journeys we want to take guests on. This maybe explains why both of us were huge fans of Lynch with his melodrama, off-beat humour and dark surreality. Creating our next large scale public event using this as a starting point seemed like the most natural thing in the world, and we're so excited its finally happening – we’ve been wanting to do this for a few of years now!

What’s your favourite iconic Twin Peaks diner moment/scene?

Amy Lord: Wow, there’s a lot that happens in that diner so it is hard to choose, but we've boiled it down to two. Audrey’s strange jukebox dance – it’s an ideal mix of sexy and bizarre. And the moment where hearing-impaired Special Agent Gordon Cole (played by David Lynch himself) meets Shelley in the Double R Diner, magically gets his hearing back whilst talking to her, and then proceeds to order 'massive, MASSIVE' amounts of cherry pie. It’s pure Lynch-style soap opera, and we love it.

This week, Lynch and his crew were spotted filming the new series at the original diner in North Bend, Washington (below). Find out everything we know about the new series here.

Tickets for The Owls Are Not What They Seem will be released on July 17