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Researchers say Tinder is partly to blame for STD rise

According to the State of Rhode Island, cases of sexually transmitted infections are up considerably and the state says it's dating apps' fault

It's never been easier to get laid. People are literally everywhere on their phones telling you they're up for it. Which perhaps explains why Rhode Island is blaming apps like Tinder and Grindr for an alarming spike in cases of sexually transmitted diseases. Between 2013 and 2014, cases of syphillis rose by 79% while gonorrhea was up 30%. HIV transmissions also increased.

In its report, the Rhode Island Department of Health said that the rise in cases was in part down to more sophisticated testing techniques, but also "using social media to arrange casual and often anonymous sexual encounters". Other high-risk sexual habits include the usuals – unprotected sex, having sex with loads of people and having sex drunk or on drugs.

Is it surprising news that hook up apps have led to an increase in STDs? Give human beings easier ways to get laid with technology and they'll take them. People are just having more sex, more often. Research published last year noted that the emergence of apps like Grindr had led to an increase in STDs.

The Sexually Transmitted Infections journal said, "Men who met sex partners via app had a greater incidence of gonorrhea (25 percent more) and chlamydia (37 percent more) compared to clinic attendees who met the old fashioned way: bars/clubs; the street; private sex party; bathhouse; gym; or circuit parties, or the more recent old fashioned way: online dating sites." To all you app mad fuckers using your phones to get laid, maybe just wear condoms and everyone will be fine.

STDs aside, Tinder has at least inspired a brilliant piece of art. Tender is work made by four Dutch students – it's just a piece of raw meat that swipes right on absolutely everyone on Tinder. Check it out below and when you're done with that read our sex survey results for illuminating insight into our bedroom habits.