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Summoning a Mexican meme demon in the name of fashion

The Charlie Charlie Challenge has taken over the internet – what is it and how do we contact the undead?

Everyone says "don't play ouija boards, they'll ruin your life". We ignore advice like it's going out of fashion, which is why we're interested in the Charlie Charlie Challenge, a game involving two pencils and a piece of paper that reportedly allows you to summon a Mexican demon. Despite the practice of raising ghosts from unknown spiritual realms generally being considered A Bad Thing, people are playing it in their thousands...including us.

To play, all you need is two pencils and a piece of paper. Once you've laid one pencil on top of the other in the shape of a cross and surrounded it with the words "Yes" and "No", one whispers "Charlie, Charlie, are you there?" If you're successful in summoning the demon then the pencil will move, thus revealing the spirit. According to the distinctly unreliable source "someone on Reddit", the game is an old Mexican ritual played by children. Here's an example of some people losing their shit doing the Charlie Charlie Challenge.

We thought we'd put Charlie to the test and see how much this viral Mexican ghost knows about fashion. We must be able to get some insider knowledge from the undead, right? Even though a priest reminded everyone that there's "no such thing as innocently playing with demons", we contacted Charlie regardless. Now we've got our fingers crossed that the world isn't soon to be overrun by malevolent spirits, but even if in a few hours we literally can't move for ghosts, at least we know a little bit more about Karl Lagerfeld and Cara Delevingne.



Are you totally, irredeemably haunted after reaching out to Charlie? We'd like to hear from you as soon as possible.