God View

From an unusual perspective, we follow Philip around his neighbourhood in Hackney, East London. He is unstable and misses his wife and daughter very much

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Meet Phil. Today is his young daughter’s birthday. On this special occasion, British filmmaker Billy Lumby gives us a unique bird’s eye view into Phil’s psyche as he makes the journey to her backyard birthday party. Surrounded by balloons, the omnipresent camera gaze captures Phil at a point of crisis.

God View (2011) offers a harrowing glimpse into mental illness, a subject Lumby recently returned to in his 2015 film Samuel-613. He said, “I guess both the films are about someone going through a crisis, suffering a kind of breakdown.” Despite the religious connotations in Lumby’s work, he said, “God View isn't so much a religious film, it's just the name of the point-of-view used, although you could see it as God watching if you wanted.” 

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