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Kangrex via Flickr / Creative Commons

The House of Lords wants you to register your drone

The EU has been instructed to clamp down on the growing army of personal UAVs

Drones are no longer just the distant, fantastical vision of sci-fi authors: they're killing people in Pakistan, appearing over the Eiffel Tower and, increasingly, they're owned by civilians who want to fly them around parks, beaches and fields (for sometimes less savoury reasons).

The House of Lords is beginning to feel a little uncomfortable with the ever increasing amount of regular Johns in possession of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and wants the EU to create a register that monitors who is flying drones and where. Basically, they want some surveillance on the number one gadget associated with surveillance.

Committee chairman Baroness O’Cathain said in a statement: “We need to find ways to manage and keep track of drone traffic. Drone flights must be traceable, effectively through an online database, which the general public could access via an app. We need to use technology creatively, not just to manage the skies, but to help police them as well.”

O'Cathain also speculated that people buying drones aren't really reading the instructions on these things. “The growth in civilian drone use has been astonishing," she said. "But public understanding of how to use drones safely may not keep pace with people’s appetite to fly them."

The report also recommended that civilian drones are programmed a certain way, preventing them from taking off or landing at certain co-ordinates. This may put a stop to the hilarious practice of dropping bags of drugs into prisons via UAV. Shame.

However, it isn't all bad news for DIY droners. The committee's report did warn against stifling drone use entirely, citing the 150,000 jobs that the industry could create by 2050.