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Mark Tonderai's Debut Feature Puts The Pedal To The Metal

Finding its feet somewhere between Steven Spielberg’s classic cat-and-mouse road movie Duel and the somewhat less classic schlock-horror flick Shrooms, writer-director Mark Tonderai’s Warp X-produced debut feature is a flawed offering that shows potential. Although the script is sometimes achingly bad (particularly at the beginning, which pretty much consists of a painfully unreal ‘setting up the relationship’ exchange of dialogue between the two leads), the action is pretty much pedal-to-the-metal throughout. In fact, within its fairly limited genre, Hush is a well enough conceived thriller. After catching a glimpse of a bound and gagged woman in the back of a lorry one rainy night while driving along the M1, 20-something no-hoper Zakes (sure, I know), played by William Ash, decides to do nothing. When, after an early hours bust-up in a service station he realises his own girlfriend has been taken away in the same mysterious truck, a killer chase ensues, involving muchos blood, sweat and tears. Tonderai ratchets up the tension with verve, and, while some scenes may seem a little contrived, you have to admire what he has managed to achieve on what was presumably quite a low budget. Hush is far from groundbreaking fare, but it is enjoyable, if you are in the mood for bruising your knuckles on a somewhat rickety rollercoaster ride.

Hush is in cinemas from March 13