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Merry Christmas from Jeanette Hayes

The New York artist has a few words – and of course, some visual artwork – to help ring in the festive season

Last time we caught up with Jeanette Hayes, she was turning the back pages of our Winter issue into her own art smorgasbord. For Halloween, she trick or treated us to an amalgamation of pop culture horror courtesy of the Ebola epidemic and Kim Kardashian phenomenon. So, as the silly season rolls in, who better to ring in the run up to the big tinsel-heavy, turkey-feasting, Champagne-guzzling day? The New York artist is back with a few wise words of advice and a couple of Yuletide predictions in the form of a Christmas prose – signed Santa Jeanette, of course. Happy holidays!

Tis the season, tis my favorite season. As you prance through this collection I would hope for one to be self reflective

At this year end you must examine yourself to realize if you have been an excellent person or a cheeky little devil. Both options are good, it's just better to be aware. 

I don't mean to be blasphemous but you know when sabrina turned 16 and she learned that she was a witch ? I'm a little bit expecting to turn a certain age and find out that I'm Santa .

Maybe not but- maybe!


Be good

Be really good

If not for your well being.. do it for the presents

Love, Santa Jeanette